All About Camille LaGuire

About me

I went to Clarion (the workshop in science fiction and fantasy) back in 1982, when I was way too young. There I learned exactly what I did not know about writing and publishing, and I've been madly working to catch up ever since.

I started in children's writing, because I have an interest in storytelling. Not just traditional folklore, but the style of storytelling--from telling family anecdotes to recounting last week's movie--that was handed down in my family from my great grandmother. Maud Vinson (or "Great" as she was known to my generation) also handed down an appreciation of food, plain or fancy. She began her kitchen career at three years old, standing on a box and washing dishes in a lumber camp. She made pies, she ran restaurants...and she told stories. And so have most of her descendants. Food and storytelling are the great passions of my life.

I spent a long time learning my craft, and a few years ago I took time off from writing to set my life in order. Now I'm back, and I'm writing full-time. I am now focussing on my favorite type of story: the Mystery. My main detective is a pie-loving gunslinger named Mick McKee, and his young but cantankerous wife, Casey. Mick narrates his stories much the way Great told hers. I suppose there is a connection there. However it is, I'm having the time of my life.


Between The Darkness And The Fire is available directly from the publisher.